Cracking your Curriculum

The new curriculum is really tough. What strategies do we need to use in building our curriculum?

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Thu 29 Nov 2018 8.30am - 3.30pm Etihad stadium

Etihad stadium

Ashton New Rd, Manchester M11 3FF

0161 444 1894

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125 places available £160.00


Manchester Teaching School Alliance is delighted to announce its 3rd annual conference.

'Cracking your Curriculum'

In response to Amanda Spielman, HMCI (2018):-

‘One of the areas that I think we sometimes lose sight of is the real substance of education. Not the exam grades or the progress scores, important though they are, but instead the real meat of what is taught in our schools and colleges: the curriculum.' 

‘School leaders must be brave enough to show they take curriculum seriously and make it the core of their school and teacher professional development.' Schools Week, (2018)

With a new focus on building your school curriculum.

Are you ready?

Join with us, hear from speakers who offer

practical help and support.  

We will have our usual fun activities to make the day enjoyable but support you to take back strategies that can show real impact on teaching and learning in your school.


What you will learn

Hear from our speakers:

David Didau – The Learning Spy

David Didau taught English in UK secondary schools for 15 years but is now an education writer and freelance consultant The Learning Spy, is one of the most influential and highly regarded education blogs across the world. His writing is focussed on the challenges of working in schools. He has acted as a consultant for Ofsted, the English schools' inspectorate, and his ideas have influenced government policy in the UK. He has written several books on education and works with many different organisations on teacher development and curriculum design.

Chris Quigley – Designing your curriculum

Chris Quigley is a specialist in primary education. He has been a teacher, Headteacher, Lead Inspector and trainer of inspectors. He is best known for his inspiring talks and his clear easy to use support materials. He is also a published and a Director of Chris Quigley education, where he leads a team of specialists, delivering inspiring training and talks all over the world. He has become widely known throughout the UK and overseas having worked directly with schools in almost all Local authorities in England and has visited schools in the Channel Islands, Wales, Singapore, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Switzerland. His books have sold thousands of copies in over 16 countries. Chris has always believed that children should feel clever and that if schools create the right conditions for learning, all children can discover their talents, achieve their best and thrive. His presentation will focus on curriculum design and offer practical help, strategies and solutions to build your curriculum.

Tony Whatmuff - Effective reading comprehension

Tony is an author and trainer with 25 years of teaching experience, working with KS1-3 pupils in London, Lancashire and Leicester. For the last 15 years he has been a literacy specialist, working in schools across the UK and with UCL and Oxford University Press. He is the National Trainer of Inference Training-a 20 lesson group intervention designed to boost reading comprehension based on the work of Professor Jane Oakhill and Nicola Yuill. Tony is interested in classroom strategies which improve reading comprehension and enjoyment, and place youngsters in the centre of this process so that they develop a clear self-view of the task and themselves as readers.

Effective reading comprehension is a key feature of academic success both across the curriculum and beyond school in training and work. Evidence suggests that successful readers have a clear view of the processes involved in reading and an accurate view of themselves as readers.  His presentation will explore practical classroom strategies to make explicit to youngsters the how of reading across the curriculum, and ways to help readers acquire a clear view of themselves and aspects they might improve. The presentation will include DVD classroom clips and sample materials for participants to try out.


Who is it for?

Teachers, heads, exec heads, all senior leaders, teaching assistants, academy sponsors, from maintained schools, academies, independent schools.  Any school from primary or secondary sectors with an interest in its  curriculum.



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