High School Reading Network: School Improvement for KS3

Reading is Everybody's Business: KS3 Reading in EVERY Subject

Date Venue Places Price
Tue 19 May 2020 1.00pm - 4.00pm Barlow Hall Primary School

Barlow Hall Primary School

Darley Avenue, Chorlton, Manchester, Greater Manchester M21 7JG

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20 places available £50.00
Tue 16 Jun 2020 1.00pm - 4.00pm Barlow Hall Primary School

Barlow Hall Primary School

Darley Avenue, Chorlton, Manchester, Greater Manchester M21 7JG

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20 places available £50.00


Overview of Network: What is it?

Strategic support for high schools to embed a KS3 whole school system and structure for improvement in reading standards and to support transition from KS2 to KS3. 

Whole KS3 school structure: a model to embed a layered approach to reading intervention that is related in pedagogy and responds to group and one-to-one pure intervention.  The teaching and learning from the interventions can support approaches in the classroom for all children and embed learning for targeted children.  Key interventions include: GROW@KS3; Inference Training; Guided Reading in English lessons and wider subjects; Year 10 Peer Reading Programme for Year 7's.

Networking with other high school's experiences of strategic support at KS3 and working in partnership with Barlow Hall's team of reading specialists and Upper KS2 teachers and TAs.

Bespoke support will be shaped according to common challenges faced by high schools and in response to identified need by the Network of High School Reading Leads.  The Network will build on and help to embed themes from 2017-19 and extend, based on evidence of need.

When and where? 

Dates: Half termly sessions: 14th January; 10th March; 19th May; 16th June (Dates to be checked with all at the January Network)

Venue & Time: Barlow Hall Reading Centre, 1 – 4pm

Cost: £50/session


What you will learn

What will you learn?

Note: Barlow Hall's unique approach to support always includes observation of live lessons at the mirrored screen as this is a deep level of professional development.  It provides evidence of real lessons and an opportunity for immediate professional dialogue and coaching.  The High School Networks will observe a range of Year 6 interventions at the mirrored screen to inform and refine strategic planning for KS3.

Embedding themes of support from the initial project which included:

  •   Vision: Reading is Everybody's Business: KS3 Reading in Every Subject
  •   A layered approach to reading intervention
  •   Embedding and extending progress from Year 6 SATs to Year 7 outcomes: Observation of STRENGTHS and challenges for learning of Year 6 cohorts on the cusp of expected levels – identifying needs for KS3 progress
  •   Shaping specific feedback to impact accelerated progress in reading
  •   Making LINKS with interventions and the classroom
  •   Embedding ‘pure' intervention
  •   Measuring the impact of intervention and supporting during intervention
  •   Volume of reading issues: systems to extend reading miles
  •   Leading in-house professional development for High School Literacy Teams and wider teaching staff
  •   Transition support from Primary to High School: What more can be done?

New themes of support will be a response to the Networks identified needs but could include:

  •   Embedding quality intervention: monitoring and supporting approaches
  •   Assessments: What's useful to inform teaching and progress?
  •   Inference Training: Making links to the classroom to inform in-house PD
  •   Cross-curriculum support for reading
  •   Transition: What makes a difference?  What more can be done?

  Subject knowledge to inform in-house professional development e.g. phasing and fluency, self-monitoring, specific feedback, reciprocal gains of reading, WRITING and ORAL LANGUAGE


Who is it for?

Who is it for?

High School Reading Leads that attended the 2017 – 2019 High School Reading Project and new high schools joining the network.  High School Reading Lead: an identified Lead that can attend intervention training and Networks and use to inform strategic in-house school improvement for reading standards across KS3.  Capacity to lead professional development in-house.  Examples of past Leads included English Teachers, SENCOs, Inclusion Lead, Assistant Heads, etc


About your course leader

Fiona Botterill

Fiona Botterill is a Teacher Leader for Reading Recovery. Her specialism is in designing bespoke school improvement packages for all aspects of literacy. Fiona can train new Reading Recovery teachers and provide continuing professional programmes for existing Reading Recovery teachers so that they can maintain their licence for Reading Recovery.


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