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Who are MTSA?

Manchester Trusts & Schools Alliance is led by five legacy teaching schools: Chorlton Park Primary School Brookburn Primary School, Barlow Primary School, Chorlton High School and Sea Shell Trust.  The alliance brings together primary schools across South Manchester, and works in partnership with Bright Futures Trust. All MTSA members work together, to provide a high-quality teacher-training experience for primary Associate Teachers.

What is School Based Training?

We oiffer a school-based teacher training programme where you become an Associate Teacher in a school from the very first day of your training.

Why train to teach with Manchester Trusts & Schools Alliance?

As an Associate Teacher with MTSA, you join a team of staff committed to delivering the highest quality learning and teaching to children in Manchester. You can immerse yourself in school life from day one. Your mentors will support you fully, using innovative training to enable you to become a resilient, successful and fulfilled professional who can make a difference.

What can MTSA School Direct offer you?

  • Teaching placements in a network of schools in our alliance including a Special School,
  • Cross-phase training experiences throughout the course – from early years to Year 6
  • Trained mentors in all schools supporting every aspect of your professional development
  • Weekly professional studies sessions facilitated by outstanding teachers, centred around issues directly related to teaching and learning in inner city contexts
  • Meetings with other associate teachers from a wide trainee network across Manchester
  • Regular pedagogical training sessions at Bright Futures SCITT in partbrship with Manchester University.
  • Gaining Qualified Tutor Status (QTS), a PGCE, and Masters level credits
  • Support with further professional development in your first two years of teaching using the Early Career Framework

Who are we looking for?

We are looking to recruit Associate Teachers who are dedicated to pursuing success for children across Manchester. Our Associate Teachers are lifelong learners who want to fulfil their potential both in the classroom and in their professional development.

Our current trainees all have varied backgrounds. Some had previously been employed as Teaching Assistants within a school before coming to train, others came straight from university, and others were career-changers who had worked in another field before training to teach. We had applications from mature students, from those who had worked overseas, parents with families and from candidates who were relocating to the Manchester area.

How many places are available?  

12 primary.  Our cohorts are deliberately kept small in number in order that we can offer the highest quality of provision to our trainees and bespoke our provision to meet the needs of our associate teachers.  

What are the entry requirements for School Direct?

Associate Teachers must have a degree. Good standards of written and spoken English are also essential.

How do I apply?

You need to apply through

What is the interview process?

Trainees are interviewed by MTSA. The interview with MTSA has 2 elements consisting of a teaching task and a panel interview. There are also some additional tasks: a Maths task and a written English test

What are the fees?

They are currently £9,250 for the year.

Where will I be placed?

MTSA places Associate Teachers in a network of primary schools across our alliance. These include Brookburn, Chorlton Park, Beaver Rd, Barlow Hall, St John's RC, St Mary's RC, St Cuthbert's RC, Chorlton CE and Crossacres Academy. All these schools are located in or around Chorlton & Didsbury in South Manchester and have achieved good or outstanding Ofsted ratings.

Which year groups will I be placed in?

Associate Teachers complete placements in both Key Stage 1 (Years 1-2) and Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6). These are the placements where you will be assessed.

You will also complete a week in Key Stage 3 (Years 7-11) and 2 weeks in Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception). These placements are for experience only and are not assessed.

You will then be qualified for the entire primary age range. You do not have to select a specialism although you may want your final placement to be in the age range where you feel most confident, as this placement is slightly longer than the others.  We are happy to accommodate those who wish to be EYFS teachers only.

How will the course be assessed?

Associate Teachers currently have 4 assignments to complete, along with several shorter ‘reflection points'. In addition to this, when you are on teaching placements, you will need to complete planning, evaluations, marking and self-assessment against the teaching standards. These will be monitored and/or assessed by your mentor.

Your teaching will be observed weekly by your school-based mentor and you will be supported by your school's lead professional mentor and a pastoral mentor.

Can I refresh my subject knowledge?

Not everyone feels confident in teaching every subject from the outset. As an Associate Teacher, you should identify parts of your subject knowledge you need to refresh or deepen. Your training sessions at school and at Bright Futures SCITT will assist here, but you are also expected to fill in gaps in your subject knowledge autonomously in order to be confident and competent in teaching accurately.

What proportion of time is spent in school and at Bright Futures SCITT?

Associate Teachers spend 29 days in the SCITT, 18 days on school-based training and have 135 days teaching experience. 

How do I become a qualified teacher?

The award of Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) is given based on how well you have met each of the teaching standards. Evidence gathered to substantiate each of the standards comes from all assessments, assignments and observations completed during your training.

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